Research Tools

  • PHS Library Online Catalog - Search the Pleasant High School Library Catalog  

  • EBSCO Host Database Search - Research-based and professional journal articles from over 6,000 trusted                                                                            publications

  • - Ohio's PreK-12 Electronic Library - (Please ask for password if accessing from a non-school                                           computer)
  • Points of View Reference Center - Articles supporting the pro and con sides of current issues: helps develop                                                                          arguments and provide details to support your position

  • INFOhio's R4S Research 4 Success - Step-by-step instructions to successful research papers / projects

  • Biography Reference Bank - Articles about more than a half-million people of the world (most are full text)
INFOhio Discovery Portal - Provides assistance for reports and research with direction to "credible" websites

2OWL by Purdue University - Writing lab: "Research and Evidence": how to determine if your research resources are                                                    credible